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When you bring together a Virtual Learning Environment, a Student Information System, a Human Resource Management System and Accounts Management, you get an OSUM system. This is exactly what we have done. OSUM is an awesome SaaS based system that caters to every need of a school. It is a collection of 24 standalone modules that schools can pick and choose from, based on what they want. For example, if a school requires optimal internal and external communication, the Communications module will allow them to link teachers, students, parents and the school admin together for instant, effective and trackable communication, if they need a quiz and feedback manager to track student’s learning progression, the Assessments Module will help in generation of quizzes and track student progress or if they simply need a system that manages their student fees, the fees and fines module helps automate all of its tasks. Each module acts as a separate product but can also be used as a series of integrated modules.

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