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OSUM was developed after working very closely with schools and really focusing on their pain points. Our mission is to enable teachers, admin and parents to be actively involved in a child’s learning and to maximize it by: helping teachers plan, execute, assess and track better, helping parents stay up-to-date with student progress and experiences, helping admin optimize processes to increase efficiency and transparency, helping students get easy access to content, collaborate, discuss and get actively involved in their overall education.

With 24 modules (and growing) OSUM has been implemented in multiple schools helping them automate daily procedures, get accurate reporting through useful analytics and reducing a whole lot of paperwork. OSUM is platform independent and can run on any device without the need of downloading and installing apps. With a responsive design, the entire system runs perfectly on mobiles, tablets and PCs. Using the day-to-day activity data of multiple schools, OSUM provides amazing analytics on education trends for schools in a region including average student attendance rates, student academic progress and teacher performance. OSUM is a modular system that allows schools to pick and choose what they want and get an integrated system for all their needs. Take a look at the video to see some of the major features of OSUM.



Manage inquiries for admissions and use this module for lead generation

Admissions Management

Manage applications, inquiry and your complete admissions life cycle using the admissions modules.

Student Mangement

Manage students, their documents and their complete summary including managing their year end procedures.

Timetabling & Attendance

Create multiple timetables/schedules and assign classes along with teachers to manage student attendance.

Behaviour Management

Manage student behaviour by adding incidents and rewards and generating summaries.

Fees & Fine

Create complete fee infrastructure, assign it to students and manage payments.

Quizzes & Exams

Make quizzes using a simple form builder and manage their and other exam results.

Progress Tracking

Track the progress of students through the Progress Tracking module using their expected and historical academic records.


Take a picture, tags students, add a comment and upload it for parents to view and to be used in other places


Multi-level internal and external communication to keep admin, parents, teacher and students connected

Employee Recruitment

Recruit new staff and faculty members using the recruitment module including management of online applications

Leave Management

Manage and track the leaves that employees apply for and also what has been assigned to them

Staff Attendance

Allow staff to mark their attendance through codes, fingerprints, employee card or facial recognition and track them

Learning Management

Course Allocations, Lesson Plans, Assignments and Assessments can all be managed through this module.

Payroll & Appraisals

Manage payroll and employee appraisals to track staff progress and generate monthly payroll


Manage items through a workflow integrated inventory module that handles requests, issuance, re-order and reporting


Manage your daily accounts using a double entry accounting system and generate reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet instantly.


A single point for all parents to raise their concerns or just give comments and for the school to handle them efficiently

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